Welcome to the Blog!
Welcome to the Blog!
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Check out our Seminars!
Check out our Seminars!
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Fireside Chats

Posted on: May 5, 2016

‘Fireside Chats’ are informal small group discussions for which Mahaya patients and non-patients have an opportunity to ask the Mahaya Naturopaths (Dr. Susan Fisher and Dr. Victoria Strickler) health questions pertaining to the topic of the evening! The meetings will take place on Thursday nights 7:00 pm, and will run according to public demand.

Spaces are limited, so sign-up early by calling the clinic at (519) 267-4885.



       Detoxing for Health

       Thurs 22nd

  Managing Stress Naturally

        Thurs 29th


     No Fireside Chat today

         Thurs 6th

    Detoxing for Weight Loss

         Thurs 13th